Best RC Monster Trucks of 2021 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

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If you’re looking for the best RC Monster Trucks that can tackle any terrain, deliver high speeds, perform incredibly, and match your budget, you have come to the right place.

For quick browsing, we have listed below the top RC Monster Truck overall and across budgets for you, and after that you will find individual reviews of each of these handpicked remote control trucks. 

You will also find a handy Buyer's Guide below with a few important pointers to keep in mind when purchasing an RC Monster Truck.

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Team Redcat TR-MT10E 1/10 Scale




Best RC Monster Trucks - REVIEWS


1. Team Redcat TR-MT10E 1/10 Scale Remote Control Monster Truck

Team Redcat TR-MT10E



This RC truck has a 550 4400kv brushless motor which is no less than a powerhouse. It has a Savox Metal Gear Digital Steering Servo and adjustable big bore coil over-shocks. It is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry if it ends up in a puddle or something. You need to get the LIPO batteries, and you’re good to go. The RC monster truck comes with hardened steel driveshafts, steel spur gear, an oversized front bumper, adjustable turnbuckles and included LED lights built into the front bumper.

The body is made up of durable polycarbonate and will not quickly wear and tear. It can last you for years or more, weighs only 8.4 pounds and is a right looking, well-built RC car. The truck is mighty, and torque and will start quickly in any weather.


  • Super tough and durable
  • Good to look at
  • Heavy-duty waterproof
  • Pre-installed lights can be unplugged
  • Runs plenty fast even on 2S batteries


  • Small for a 1/10 MT



2. Hosim Large Size 1:10 Scale High-Speed 46km/h 4WD

Hosim Large Size 1:10 Scale



This is the best RC monster truck for the money! The package includes a monster truck, a Remote Controller, a USB Charger and a 7.4V/1600mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack. It also comes with a User Manual which will guide users. This monster truck has two motors allowing a maximum speed of 46km/hour, giving you a high-speed experience that no other remote-control car can. It has premium anti-skid heavy-duty wheels making it capable enough to counter any terrain, be it rugged or rough.

The wheels consist of bouncing spring material for unexpected falls and unstable surfaces. It is built with a steel chassis shaft structure and an independently stimulated shockproof system and oversized wheels that reduce the impact on unsteady drives.


  • Two motors for added speed and power
  • Strong grip tires
  • Bouncing material in wheels
  • Water-resistant
  • Large size
  • Excellent customer service
  • Low voltage and high-temperature protection


  • Main and pinion gears can wear out early


3. Traxxas Slash 1/10-Scale 2WD

Traxxas Slash 1/10 2WD



This RC car has a Titan 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor and XL-5 ESC which provides speeds up to 30 mph. The electronics are waterproof so you can easily play with it in mud, water, and even snow. It comes with a 4 amp 12-volt DC peak-detecting fast charger ensuring reliable, hassle-free and fast charging. The receiver box is fully waterproof too making it easy to access the receiver for maintenance.

It holds a 3-channel micro receiver that saves weight and provides reliable, long-range R/C performance. With the TQ 2.4GHz radio system, you can have absolute fun without any worries of channels and frequencies. The internal antenna is impervious to damage, and the controls can be customized.   


  • Waterproof receiver box
  • Low voltage protection
  • Thermal Shutdown protection
  • Three drive modes
  • Fast and responsive
  • Easy to learn and adjust


  • Short battery life
  • Charges slow


4. Traxxas 67054-1 Stampede 4X4

traxxas stampede 4x4



Stampede 4x4 has an innovative design and is made up of the highest quality components. It has a TQ 2.4GHz radio system and a Titan 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor with XL-5 Waterproof ESC. You can drive in water, mud, and snow as the electronics are waterproof and weather resistant. The 7-Cell NiMH 3000mAh Traxxas iD battery is no less than a powerhouse, and the RC car comes with a 4 Amp peak detecting DC charger. It has an innovative chassis, and its modular design allows the entire front section to be removed with just five screws and the rear assembly with only four screws which is why you can efficiently service and adjust the RC Monster.

It has Heavy-Duty 32-Pitch Gears, a high torque waterproof steering servo, oil filled ultra-shocks that ensure smooth performance. The customer service is excellent, and the user’s problems and queries are addressed and looked upon in a super friendly manner.   


  • Tough build
  • Longarm suspension
  • All waterproof
  • Heavier batteries
  • Variable steering and throttle
  • Reasonable price


  • Battery life could be longer



5. Traxxas 1/10 Slash 4X4 Brushless (Platinum Edition)




The best brushless monster truck in our list! If you’re exploring the monster trucks’ world or are a seasonal racer, this is the perfect one for you. It has a rigid frame and high suspension, which keeps it stable and sturdy. The adjustable front and rear sway bars allow users easy control and traction. It has an extreme brushless VXL power for 60+ mph speeds. It has hard-anodized, and PTFE-coated aluminum GTR shocks with titanium nitride-coated shafts.

It weighs just 5 pounds, and you can use any transmitter, receiver, and battery you want with it. The Platinum Edition also has a sealed, silicone-filled differential instead of the installed Torque-Control slipper clutch. This RC car will ensure harder launches and faster lap times. 


  • Polycarbonate body allowing stability and sturdiness
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Rigid Low CG Chassis
  • Low voltage protection
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Great suspension due to its massive GTR shocks
  • Small gravity center so less toppling over
  • Can tackle rough terrains
  • Well-built


  • Not made for 3S batteries
  • Does not come with a battery, controller, receiver or transmitter
  • Unpainted shell


6. Traxxas 68086-4 1/10 Slash 4WD

traxxas slash 4x4 1 10 brushless



This RC car comes in 5 different colors, so you have a variety to choose from. It features speed as high as 60+ mph. It has a waterproof steering servo, and a waterproof O-ring sealed receiver box. It has waterproof electronics which allows it to be used in water, mud, and snow.

Slash 4x4 is backed by unparalleled Traxxas support and parts availability which makes it a very reliable purchase. It comes fully assembled and ready to race. 


  • TQi 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Waterproof
  • Parts availability
  • Great customer support
  • Perfect for newbies
  • Super durable
  • Lasts a long time


  • A bit pricey


Conclusion - Best RC Monster Trucks 

Best RC Monster Truck Overall Team Redcat TR-MT10E 1/10

Best Premium RC Monster Truck Traxxas 1/10 Slash 4X4 Brushless (Platinum Edition)

Best Budget RC Monster Truck Hosim Large Size 1:10 Scale High-Speed 4WD


RC Trucks - Buyer’s Guide

We have a complete buying guide for you. It is better if you to look for various factors before you purchase an RC Monster truck.

Choosing without comprehensive knowledge about its features and drawbacks can cause several consequences later on. So here are a few important things to keep in mind when buying an RC Monster Truck

Battery Life

You should always check its battery life beforehand. This is an essential feature that you must consider while selecting.

If you want to pastime either in your garage or backyard, then ten minutes of the battery will be okay with that.

But if you're going to drive it through tight areas, then you should look for the ones whose battery life is more than 20-30 minutes.

You should then go for a 2000mAH+ battery for that purpose.


Mostly monster trucks are designed for tough terrain, but there are more chances of getting beaten up quickly and severely.

Your monster truck must be durable enough in such cases. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of money.

Your vehicle should have sturdy chassis fitted with back and front, rear jumpers.

Moreover, your monster truck should have a suspension system of heavy-duty to prevent your cars whipped off whenever you cross a bump.

The heavy-duty suspension will help you avoid such circumstances.

If you are going with a heavy-duty suspension truck, then you should also check whether it has adjustable oil-filled shocks or not for sustainable traction on tough terrain or off-uneven road tracks.


This is a crucial factor to consider when buying a truck.

This will help you narrow your choice within your budget. This will save your time and energy for looking the best vehicle under your budget i.e., the price you are able and willing to pay for.

Cheaply priced trucks do not mean that their quality is poor, and they are not going to last for an extended period.

Even, sometimes expensive monster trucks don't last long so you should check for its accidental warranty and the other warranty plus its durability that will ensure whether it is worth of that or not.

If it doesn't have any warranty, then it will cost you even more in the long run because repair costs are expensive.

You should not go for something too complicated.

Speed and Tires

If you are just a beginner and you are buying it for the first time, then you should go for a truck with less speed because too much speed can cause problems for beginners as they are harder to control.

For the ones who already have an experience and they know how to tackle it can buy the one with high speeds as well.

Tires do matter a lot. There are various types of tires, like pins, ribbed, grooves, etc.

This factor will depend on the kind of terrain you are going to use it on.

Precautions for using RC Monster Trucks

  • Cleaning you RC Monster truck will help you eye any problems early.
  • You can use a natural hair bristle brush to remove dust and dirt, using a motor spray to remove marks.
  • Buy CA glue and some spare tires.
  • Get the right branded RC Truck with a warranty to keep your money safe.

RC Trucks vs. RC Cars

  • Ground clearance: RC cars have a small amount of ground clearance and are designed to drive on smooth flat surfaces while RC trucks have a large amount of ground clearance, so they have room underneath to clear obstructions.
  • Wheels & tires: RC cars have a small diameter and narrow width tires that have low rolling resistance. Whereas, RC trucks have large tires that can handle dirt, sand, mud, and other conditions with their aggressive and deep tread patterns. 
  • Cost: RC trucks are usually more expensive than RC cars due to their heavy-duty built and complexity.
  • Gearing: RC cars have gears for higher top speeds, while RC trucks are typically geared lower to handle rough terrains.
  • Size: RC cars usually come in 1/10th scale size, while RC trucks often go in there larger 1/8th scale size. RC trucks are mostly bigger than RC cars.

The choice between the two depends on where you want to drive it.

An RC truck is suitable for areas with dust, sand and gravel while RC cars are suitable for on road conditions, for instance big parking lots or large areas of pavement.

Driving an RC car off road would never be a good idea, however, an RC truck can run both on roads and rugged terrains.

So that's it from our reviews of best RC monster trucks for you. We hope you find them useful.