Best GoPro Drone in 2022 – Top Models Reviewed

Best GoPro Drones

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There’s so much to love about GoPro Drones. Whether for professional or recreational use, people are using it to produce stunning aerial shots of photos and videos. With so many options to choose from, now you’re wondering; what is the best GoPro Drone for you? In this article, we selected the top 5 drones available in the market for 2020, from budget to expensive.

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Best Overall – 3DR Solo

Best Value – DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone

Official GoPro Drone – GoPro Karma

Best GoPro Drones – Review

1. 3DR Solo

3dr solo drone for gopro



The 3DR Solo’s unique and exciting features sets it apart from all others in the market, making it the most in demand choice today. With its capability to produce impressive and vivid shots from mid-air, the Solo Drone gained positive feedbacks from beginners and even experienced professionals. product is lightweight, making it easy to control in the air. With its strong arms, it can provide you with steady and smooth flights. Also, its durability is exceptional as it can handle roughlandings and survive all sorts of crashes. The controller is equipped with simple functions so if you’re a beginner, you will not have a hard time familiarizing yourself with it. For a flight with the camera, the drone can fly for a good 20-25 minutes.

It can fly as high as 800-900 ft. and can have a maximum speed of 55 mph. In addition to this, some features make the 3DR Solo Drone unique. These features include: Orbit, Follow Me, Cable Cam, and Selfie. All of these factors make the Solo drone a very interesting buy for both beginners and professionals.

2. Ionic Stratus – Best Budget GoPro Drone

ionic stratus drone for gopro


Ionic Stratus’ affordable price makes it a nice option for starters. It is both capable for indoor and outdoor use. The device is equipped with 2.0mp built-in camera, providing you with clear photos and videos. The drone can fly for 8-10 minutes so it is advisable to buy a couple of batteries to extend fly time. Also, the controller has the basic controls so you won’t consume so much time familiarizing yourself with it. Additionally, the drone’s wind-resistant mode allows you to use it outdoors without the wind damaging it. Moreover, Ionic Stratus Drone has additional features that makes it a good buy. For beginners, Headless Mode is very useful as it makes the drone easier to move according to the user’s likeness. Its 3D roll function lets it perform 360 flips, making it fun to use. And if you are worried about the steadiness, the drone is equipped with 6-axis gyro stability.

With its full function 2.4 GHz remote control drone, and strong and responsive motors, the Ionic Stratus is a good buy for its cheap price. If you are a beginner and want to try the basics of a drone, then you should consider buying this product. With this, you can have a hands-on experience with a drone without breaking your bank.

3. DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone – Best Value GoPro Drone

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone for gopro


Mostly used by photographers and videographers, DJI Phantom is a filming drone, which means it provides longer air time. The footages captured are amazingly stable, thanks to its gimbal. Additionally, its gimbal can carry GoPro cameras. The flight time takes 20-25 minutes, which makes it a good option to record amazing aerial footages. One of the features that makes it unique with other drones is its “DJI’s No Fly Zone” feature. This feature prevents you to fly on locations that you are not allowed to fly. Another unique feature is the CAN-BUS port which allows you to connect aerial gadgets and equipment to your drone, giving you an option to produce better outputs.

In addition to this, its DJI technology can still record stables footages and captures great shots even in windy conditions. Note that the quad is quite fast compared to other drones so you need to familiarize yourself with the speed in order to get a good grip on it.

4. Traxxas Aton Plus

Traxxas Aton Plus for gopro


Traxxas Aton Plus features three modes: Film, Sport, and Expert. These features make it a versatile drone that anyone can use from capturing a footage to flying up to 50 mph. With these characteristics, there’s no limit to what you can produce with this drone. No flight experience is required to use this drone as it is easy to maneuver. It is also made up of plastic for a high-quality and durable drone, so you not need to worry if it encounters crashes with other objects. Its special features include Air Brakes, GPS, Return-to-Home, Six-Axis Stabilization, and Push-Button Tricks. These features allow the drone to perform rolls, flips, and other stunts that you could think of without affecting the quality and stability of your footage. It’s definitely one of the more unique gadgets I’ve ever used.

Professionals can also take it to the next level by using the Expert Mode. This allows the drone to show its full performance capability. Traxxas Aton Plus allows you to improve your flying skill while making sure that your shots are still in great quality. It is designed in a way that anyone, from beginner to expert, can comfortably use.

5. GoPro Karma (Official GoPro Drone)

GoPro Karma drone official


With its battery issue being completely dealt by the company, GoPro Karma now leads as the best drone out there. One reason why it stood out among its competitors is its unique design. With its propellers and landing gear’s capability to be folded, it surely can fit in your backpack without any problem, I know it fits in mine perfectly. This drone uses GoPro cameras, giving you a much more excellent output. GoPro Karma has a flight time of 20 minutes on air so it is good to have spare batteries so as not to interrupt your flight. It is also equipped with a superior-quality propeller, which is quieter and does not make much noise compared to other drones. One special feature of this drone is its placement of gimbal and GoPro harness. Instead of the typical underneath position, it is positioned in front, giving you a better view of the area that you are capturing. Another good feature is its availability to replace its parts.

Like anything else that breaks sometimes drones need to have parts replaced and the accessibility for these parts is very convenient. Anyone from newbie to expert can enjoy this drone as it has many great features that makes your flying experience more exciting and fun.

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