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best underwater drones

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So what is an underwater drone? Underwater drones, also known as UUV or unmanned underwater vehicles, are vehicles having the capability of operating underwater without any kind of human interference.

UUVs are basically a miniature submarine with no human occupant. Due to the fact that it is tougher to send radio signals through water as compared to air, such drones can’t always be operated well using wireless remote controls.

Underwater drones usually are largely autonomous, navigating with sensors and onboard computers. According to the Bard Center for Study of the Drone, underwater drones have been in operation since the 1950s.

Whether your interest lies in fishing, underwater photogaphy or even if you are a general enthusiast you will find something interesting the selection of best underwater drones below.

Meanwhile, here are the top-rated underwater drone models that have been chosen based on their performance, features on offer and price.

Our Top Picks


Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera

Top Race TR-211M 23 Channel RC Excavator



Genuine Poseidon I Underwater Drone – 1080P Full HD

Double E 1:20 RC Excavator



Chasing GM0001 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone

Kolegend RC Excavator, 22 Channel


Best Underwater Drones – Reviews

1. Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera

Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera


The first on the list is the Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD camera and LED fill light, fish finder and fishing camcorder.

Nemo has the first ever QAS-Balance stabilizing system that clicks highly professional wifi live-streaming video to your connected device through the Aquarobotman app (available both on Android and iOS).

Camera offers up to 4K UHD 30fps video that includes 16MP megapixel still photo underwater and FullHD 1080P 120 fps resolution photo with 1000lm LED fill lights.

Nemo comes with a 6.6ft [2m/s] diving speed and it can dive underwater to a depth of 100m[328ft] underwater.

For better fishing, it has a 328ft tether cable for not losing control of the drone even while it’s underwater doing its job.

Nemo is armed with 3-hour C-hyper helix battery that is rechargeable but if you work on a massive videography project or go out for a long trip, carrying backup batteries is a must.

This is apt for scuba diving, yachting accessories, ice fishing camcorder, kayaks, rescue explorer, studying marine life, mapping and for film recording.


  • Provides crystal-clear 4K UHD underwater images
  • Continue to operate for 3 hours
  • Helps find mysterious underwater miracles that is useful for marine biologists
  • Great tool for inspecting the bottom of the sea


  • Unit moves slowly and at low speed
  • Extra weight impacts the buoyancy
  • Not able to rise or hover

2. 150M Tether Titan Professional Underwater Drone

150M Tether Titan Professional Underwater Drone


Drone enthusiasts call this the ultimate underwater drone as it dives up to 492ft (150m) and with its high anti-compression strength; it is touted to be the best underwater drone for the geeks.

It has a built-in 4K UHD camera that has incorporated a starlight level 4K camera and CMOS image sensor of ½.5 inch.

With an adequate storage memory of 32/64G, it is possible to take high quality videos and pictures and share it anytime.

The Titan underwater drone comes with 6 thrusters (2horizontal + 4 vertical), reliable, powerful and replaceable propellers. Such strong features ensure smart hovering at specific direction (at precision within 2-3cm) and depth, high self-balance and anti-current, focuses on its goals and keeps stories alive.

Titan is being called the mightiest underwater gadget as it is seen to run up to 4 hours with its multiple extension interfaces and explore the deep ocean beyond imagination.

For the sea explorers and underwater videographers, this drone seems to be a visual feast as it can touch the world of ocean with its robotic arm.


  • Coolest underwater drone
  • Several updates have made it responsive
  • Deleting images is easy via your iOS device
  • Best deep ROV in the market
  • Resilient and dependable
  • Designed for harsh environments


  • Wifi speed is a bit jerky
  • UX for accessing images can be improved
  • No handle or strap to lower the device into the sea

3. Genuine Poseidon I Underwater Drone – 1080P Full HD

Genuine Poseidon I Underwater Drone – 1080P Full HD


The third on the list is the Genuine Poseidon Underwater Drone with its 120 degree wide angle underwater camera for real-time streaming and having a control on diving for exploring the seabed.

The user gets live video feeds since the Poseidon I’s buoy utilizes a 2.4GHZ frequency for connecting with the devices that control it.

Being able to record your underwater journey live and able to view it directly in your smartphone is one of the epic features of this drone.

Thanks to its Full HD 1080P camera with 120 degree wide angel lens that is captures the best 1080p 30fps video and 1080p resolution in photographs.

Capturing the most incredible moments become easier with the 120 degree wide angle lens.

Once you connect the device to its Wifi buoy and link it wirelessly via a trustworthy app downloaded for Android or iOS, you can control the drone right from the convenience of your smartphone screen.

Moreover, the triple thruster design accomplishes accurate and smooth navigation in 6 directions like upward, downward, forward, backward, turning right and left.

This drone seems a perfect fit for underwater enthusiasts who love to explore the seabed.


  • Camera helps capture great views
  • Cable is long enough to use
  • Durable as the plastic side panels have a rubber coating


  • No handle to lower the device into the water
  • Battery power can be improved

4. Power Vision PowerRay Wizard Underwater 4K UHD ROV/Drone

Power Vision PowerRay Wizard Underwater 4K UHD ROV Drone


When you place your order for this underwater drone, you’re a surefire gainer as you get several other things along with the device itself.

The 6AVE Bundle kit comes with a Power Vision PowerRay Wizard Underwater Drone Kit, an extended warranty of 1 year (which covers defects of the manufacturer only), two 64GB Memory Card (Class10), MicroFiber cloth for cleaning, memory card wallet, SD/a memory card reader (micro SD) and a cleaning kit with 5 piece lens.

As long as the main device is concerned, you can see and record images and videos from the underwater world|98’ Depth Rating, 210’ Tether and is able to take 4K UHD videos along with Real-time streaming, clicks12MP photos, Burst Mode with 5-fps. There is an app for checking images on Android or iPhone.

Besides, the kit also has a remote that has got a wireless transmitter, power-seeker Bait Drop Line & Fishfinder, chargers and batteries, memory card with 64GB capacity and a carrying case that has wheels attached.

To top it all, you’ll love the ZEISS VR ONE plus Goggles that work with the device attached and gives you access to real-time, immersive 3D video streaming.

You’ll feel you’re inside the ROV getting a real-time live experience. Marine life enthusiasts are the best suited to use this device.


  • Captures 12MP still photos and 4K video
  • Grabs underwater footage for videography projects
  • Well-thought out design


  • Not fit for harsh sea environments like large rocks or fine sand
  • You can’t tell where the drone is from the shore

5. QYSEA FIFISH V6 Underwater Drone

QYSEA FIFISH V6 Underwater Drone


Elevate your underwater capabilities with the QYSEA FIFISH V6. With a portable design and directional freedom, FIFISH V6 has brought a rather new revolutionary perspective for underwater filmmaking and photography.

You can click outstanding underwater images with its 4K UHD camera in 30 fps, f/2.5 aperture, 120 fps for slow motion, RAW in DNG for post-editing, H.265 camera that provides sharp details.

Especially for the underwater environment, they have a specially designed lens for low light conditions. 4000 lumen sunlight technology recreates natural images in the best way possible. The True Color algorithm app makes each post bright and crystal clear.

This is the world’s first ever- motion sensor headset that has been ever designed and with the help of which the drone can be rotated underwater intuitively and seamlessly.

The FIFISH goggle activated a real-time view that offers you the best intuitive experience. Thanks to the HD display that everything is true to its color.

The drone’s ergonomic design provides accurate control and comfort that every FIFISH user will accept.

The FIFISH V6 can be used for ocean exploration, underwater filming, aqua-culture and for recreational purposes.


  • Has a perfect and smooth launch
  • Quite responsive
  • Product that’s worth your dollars
  • Can be posture-locked


  • Narrow bandwidth
  • Wireless communication system is weak

6. Geneinno Underwater Drone Camera

Geneinno Underwater Drone Camera


With key features like 1080p Live View, 8MP ½.5” CMOS Sensor, two 1500-Lumen lights and ability to record 4K video, the Geneinno underwater drone camera is a surefire hit among its competitors.

You can not just explore and click images but also film the world of the oceans from the top with this 492’ Depth rating underwater ROV.

This drone’s camera can capture 8MP still photos and 4K video. It can also stream 1080p live view to the controller.

Thanks to the two 1500-lumen lights that the entire scene gets illuminated.

Having 2 horizontal and 4 vertical thrusters, this underwater drone can zoom up to 6.6. per second and 9000mAH 10.8 volt battery, it can deliver a runtime of 4 hours per charge.

This device has both high and low speed modes with a top speed 6.6’/minute, hovers automatically, runtime of ROV 4 hours and wireless transmitter of 6 hours.

This drone camera is best for hull inspection, aquaculture, track diving, exploring wreckship, target fishing and underwater filmography.


  • Takes high quality videos and pictures
  • Withstands strong currents and demands deep dives
  • Made with anti-corrosion material
  • Takes good high-angle and low-angle shot


  • Bluetooth connectivity is poor
  • Lack of customer care support

7. YOUCAN Robot Underwater Drone BW Space

YOUCAN Robot Underwater Drone BW Space


BW-Space Pro lets users capture the most picturesque underwater photography with the auto-adjust lighting of BW Space Pro, 4K camera and auto-piloting modes.

This drone is accompanied with 100m cable along with a controller that has 64g storage. The maximum that this robot drone can dive is 100 meters and it is not only seawater resistant but also corrosion resistant.

With the enhanced image stabilization feature, video shooting under the ocean gets smoother and image quality gets even better.

By leveraging the 4-bidirectional thrusters, the BW space pro can take pictures from 45 degree angles and this provides more opportunities to capture still images and stunning videos.

The 2 horizontal and 2 vertical thrusters offer increased stability. The machine can move vertically at a speed of 1.5m/s.

This model has got a friendly design of handle along with smooth lines which are not only convenient to carry but also comfortable to hold and put it under the ocean.

Its 9600mAh battery life offers longer battery life making it perfect for the underwater filmographers, beginners with recreational purposes and also for institutions that specialize in professional underwater photography.


  • Durable and User-friendly
  • High-quality camera
  • Worth your dollars


  • Customer care support a bit unreliable
  • Wifi connectivity sometimes gets poor

8. Chasing GM0001 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone

Chasing GM0001 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone


The Gladius Mini underwater drone has the capability of diving to a 330 feet with 100m tether and with its two adjustable 1200 Lumen LED headlights, the depths can be lit up, thereby allowing to click clear images of the seabed and underwater creatures.

You can scan your surroundings, the ocean flow and the surface with a 45 degree tilt-lock mode along with a depth-lock mode.

The device is stable enough to provide you fluid navigation at speeds up to 4 knots with 5-thruster design and algorithms with intelligent control.

You can also use the mobile app (both Android and iOS) to view real-time 1080P video on 3 wireless devices.

Professional underwater videographers and beginners with a hobby of exploring the seabed will find this device extremely helpful.


  • Has great underwater inspection capabilities
  • Crystal clear camera with effective wireless transmitter
  • LED lights are dimmable
  • Good top speed of thrusters 


  • Wifi connection is poor and drops often
  • All components of the drone are not anti-corrosive

Conclusion – Best Underwater Drones

So, if you are an underwater enthusiast who loves capturing things that occur under the seabed, you should get anyone of the above listed underwater drones to pursue your dream.

So, which are the best underwater drones? Here are our top picks:

Best overall underwater drone – Genuine Poseidon I Underwater Drone

Best Budget underwater drone – Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera

Best Underwater drone for fishing – Geneinno Underwater Drone Camera

Quick Tips on buying the best underwater drone

For the videographers, drones have evolved as a necessity. UUVs are invading the market and they’ve become a must-have tool for the filmmakers.

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a videographer without a drone. The new underwater drones help in performing several operations that let you explore the seabed in an easier way.

Here are a few factors to consider before buying a drone:


The cost of owning an underwater drone is gradually getting competitive and high due to their increasing demand.

Nevertheless, you can get the best drones at an affordable price if you choose quality over quantity.


Few drones have warranties that cover a fixed period in case the user is not satisfied with the purchase or the machine breaks down.

These drones offer you value for every penny that you spend.


The battery duration of the drones varies from one manufacturer to another and the same is true for efficiency as well.

Make sure you choose drones that promise strong battery and enhanced efficiency.

Wired or Wireless

While there are still many drones that use wires and tethering to conquer the challenge of transmitting signals underwater, there are many that don’t.

Experts recommend wireless drones if you have the affordability to own them.


Drones that are easy to clean and easy to use are certainly better than drones that have a complex procedure for maintenance. Research the maker’s instructions before buying one.

Sensor, Camera Lens & Storage

The ultimate motive of using a drone is to capture the best moments and later on be able to view in HD.

Now what if your drone has limited storage capacity? You wouldn’t be able to view the best scenes due to lack of adequate storage.

Purchase underwater drones with sensitive and sharp sensors, an extremely sharp camera and massive space for storage.

Dive depth

This is a no-brainer. In case of an underwater drone, the farther it can travel underwater, the better it will perform. Check the dive depth before buying.

So, the above mentioned key aspects should be considered before you order your first-ever underwater drone. Making facile decisions can lead to costly mistakes.

Popularity of Underwater drones

It is a lesser known fact that drones are hard at work in the oceans of the world and they’re a widely used type of vehicle that service a wide range of commercial, military and scientific needs. Here’s why they’ve become so popular:

  • Underwater drones are used for offshore gas and oil industry to operate at greater depths
  • Inspection of underwater infrastructure have become easier
  • They’re employed for underwater survey missions
  • Underwater drones are best for military duties
  • They’ve opened a new world of undersea exploration and help in getting a glimpse of what lies underneath the sea

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