12 Best Drones under $300 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Here’s a handpicked compilation of the best drones under $300 that have been selected after a sifting through a fast-growing list of drone models available today.

Besides the price range, broadly between a $200 to $300 range, the criteria for selection is the features on offer, user reviews and popular aka reliable brands. So read on for unbiased reviews of the best drones with camera and make your choice!

Our Top Picks


Potensic D88 Foldable Drone



Holy Stone HS720



ARRIS X-Speed 280


Best Drones Under 300 - Reviews


1. ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 FPV Quadcopter Racing Drone

WEIGHT: 4.05 lbs | RANGE: 1000m | FLIGHT TIME: 15 mts | CAMERA: 4K Quad HD videos




Being the upgraded version of X-Speed 280, the motor has been upgraded to ARRIS S2205 2300KV thereby reducing the overall weight of the drone and making it more convenient and portable. This RC drone is assembled and tested before leaving the manufacturer. Hence it is ready to fly as soon as you receive it.

The wiring mess is no longer there are it now comes with Raptor S-Tower Bheli-S 2-4S 4-in-1 30A ESC + F3 + PDB + OSD. Thanks to the AT9S transmitter and 4S lipo battery along with the antenna and camera, this drone is ready to fly. The new motor improves its performance and it flies extremely fast. This is why it is called a racing drone.

As the drone comes with 1500mAh 50C lipo battery, it is highly safe and efficient and also provides a longer working life. It has got a rather simple frame structure, is ease to assemble and also easy to repair. This racing drone is perfect for RC hobbyists, both beginners and experts who prefer taking aerial pictures.


  • Nice design; good for racing
  • Good customer care service
  • Stable in strong winds
  • Light and portable


  • No LED lights
  • No GPS capability
  • Separate charger needed for the battery


2. Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone

WEIGHT: 4.55 lbs | RANGE: 1000m | FLIGHT TIME: 20 mts | CAMERA: 2K |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

holystone hs700d fpv drone with gps



Next on our list is the Holy Stone HS700D FPV model that comes with a 90 degree adjustable camera accompanied with 5G transmission. The upgraded camera lens offers a panoramic view for recording all the unforgettable memories of the users.

The next noteworthy feature of this drone is GPS assisted flight due to which the drone not just flies stably but also returns home before the battery is worn out and before the signal is lost. Users can be assured of their drone not having to crash down all of a sudden.

The battery gives you about 20 mins flight time and has low power-alert that warns the user. The user is informed when to plug in the charger.

Thanks to the brushless motor of the Holy Stone quadcopters that it is not just quiet but also powerful. Working life of the brushless motors is longer than the brushed ones. This model seems to be deal for beginners with little or no experience.


  • Comes in a well-packaged box that requires minimum assembling of parts
  • Light-weight but doesn’t give the cheap feel
  • The remote control is ergonomic
  • Gives a secured look and feel


  • Takes longer for charging


3. Contixo F18 2K Drone with UHD Camera


Contixo F18 2K Drone with UHD Camera



The Contixo F18 2K Drone has an in-built 2K Ultra HD camera along with 5G FPV Transmission to catch all the details and its FOV angle gives you a broadened view. If you love aerial photography for both personal and professional purpose, this drone is ideal for you.

Its GPS assisted location system lets you track the location of the drone any time and its brushless motors give it a longer lifespan, higher power-to-weight ratio, electronic control and high speed. Hence you can preserve your drone for a longer time.

The removable 7.4V 1800mAh rechargeable battery gives you a maximum flight time of 20 minutes. This drone can be easily exchanged and charged due to its modular design. Its basic functions are headless mode, altitude hold and starts off with one key. All these make it user-friendly.

Other noteworthy features are hands-free options with the Orbit or Follow Me mode that makes the quadcopters best for beginners who want the drone to hover around.


  • Best entry-level drone that takes amazing pictures and videos.
  • Connection with Wifi is pretty fast and easy.
  • Orbit Mode is useful and fun to use.


  • Battery gets drained soon


4. Potensic D80 GPS FPV RC Drone

WEIGHT: 3.0 lbs | RANGE: 800m | FLIGHT TIME: Up to 16 mts | CAMERA: 2K HD |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

Potensic D80 GPS FPV RC Drone



The Potensic GPS FPV RC Drone takes the fourth position in our list and the speciality of this drone is that it uses 4 advanced brushless motors to make sure the flight is stable and carries on for a long distance making it best for outdoor users.

With its 2K camera with 5G Wifi design, it captures cinematic, smooth HD video and this feature makes it a hot favorite among wannabe videographers.

Thanks to the efficient brushless motors, the device flies at high speed (40km/hr) with a flight range at 800m thereby making it perfect for skating, surging and high speed sports.

This drone combines dual GPS to ensure accurate positioning details of the device. It returns home whenever battery signal falls weak and these features make it ideal for kids and adults who are beginners.


  • Good for beginners, both young and adult
  • Controller gives various alerts with beep sounds
  • Upgraded technology with automatic return feature


  • Written instructions are confusing
  • Poor obstacle identification capability


5. Potensic D85 FPV GPS Drone

WEIGHT: 3.55 lbs | RANGE: 1400m | FLIGHT TIME: Up to 20 mts | CAMERA: 2K HD |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

Potensic D85 FPV GPS Drone



The Potensic D85 FPV drone takes the fifth place on the list with its 130 degree wide angle lens that offers larger view with short focal length thereby capturing wide scenery within a short shooting distance.

Its brushless motor drone of 1500KV offers a powerful and quiet (soundless) flying performance. This model’s battery has got high-capacity intelligence. The lithium battery is of 2800mAh and once it is charged, it can offer you 20 minutes of flying time. This camera drone can also be used outdoor once fully charged.

This too has got a low power and lost signal automatic return feature. When the LED flashes red light and the LCD reads ‘low battery’, the aircraft will automatically fly back. Potensic D85 GPS drone seems to be ideal for a professional videographer.


  • Ideal for videographers
  • Easy to fly and offers a smooth flight
  • Incredible camera and the GPS flight functions
  • Drone flies to a height that is impossible to see even on a clear day
  • The 20 minute lifespan of each battery gives enough flexibility to the images


  • Nighttime pictures lack clarity
  • Battery starts to lose capacity after 15 minutes of flying


6. Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone

WEIGHT: 1.3 lbs | RANGE: 900m | FLIGHT TIME: 16-20 mts | CAMERA: 1080 HD |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone



The Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone has got an interesting feature in its app where you can draw a route on the screen of the app and the drone will fly along the drawn path. It’ll also send back landscape details real time to you. Doesn’t this seem to be a convincing feature for the newbies?

The HS700 camera drone can again return to the point of take-off according to the instruction as and when it runs out of power or loses signal. This feature prevents unnecessary crashing of the device.

The drone follows you with the camera pointing towards you. You can click videos by freeing your hands. Hence it is perfect for someone who loves to click selfies.

 Thanks to the 1500KV brushless motor that you get a powerful and a soundless flight. Holy Stone seems to be ideal for the not-so-experienced drone flyers.


  • Powerful, good for selfies
  • A reasonably priced and premium quality drone
  • Dedicated customer care service


  • Battery sometimes drains off before 20 minutes


7. Potensic D88 Foldable Drone

WEIGHT: 5.43 lbs | RANGE: 490ft | FLIGHT TIME: Up to 20 mts | CAMERA: 2k HD |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

Potensic D88 Foldable Drone



With the Potensic D88 Foldable Drone, you can plan the route of flight by drawing on the screen of the app (much as the Holy Stone HS700) and record the entire splendid scenery throughout the route. You can get real-time location details with the GPS mode.

Point of Interest is another noteworthy feature. Choose a specific location or a building on the screen of the app and the drone will keep flying in a clockwise direction around the mentioned area thereby offering you an extensive detailed image of the same.

This camera drone has a no-delay and rapid 5G Wifi real-time transmission which provides you with a first-person view experience.

It also has a one-axis gimbal camera that adjusts itself during the flight to shoot better images and videos thereby making it perfectly suitable for beginners.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Easily portable with a foldable fuselage and a powerful brushless motor.
  • Single button return, altitude hold, follow-me mode, orbit flight, LED screen.
  • Intelligent battery offers a 20 minute flight.
  • Stable and safe flight due to optical positioning.


  • The build feels a bit cheap


8. Contixo F20 RC Remote App Controlled Quadcopter

WEIGHT: 1 lbs | RANGE: 600m | FLIGHT TIME: Up to 15 mts | CAMERA: 1080 HD |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

Contixo F20 RC Remote App Controlled Quadcopter



The Contixo F20 RC Quadcopter also dons a single key auto return. Once it locks on to GPS satellites, the user knows its exact location before takeoff. As you press the RTH (Return to Home) button, it knows where to get back to. So, it’s compact and easy to use for a beginner.

Once you fly the F20 drone from a bird’s eye view, you’ll get a First Person View (FPV) experience. The Wifi HD adjustable camera lets you take photos and live videos making it perfect for selfie-lovers.

This quadcopter drone streams and records live videos from the integrated video camera on your smartphone and it is perfect for beginners with a hobby of flying drones.


  • Ready-to-fly drone
  • Includes an exclusive carrying case to protect the drone
  • Worth the money


  • Each time you fly the drone, you have to go through a series of steps to align it


9. Teeggi MJX Bugs 5W B5W GPS FPV RC Drone

WEIGHT: 3.22 lbs | RANGE: 500m | FLIGHT TIME: Up to 15 mts | CAMERA: 1080p HD |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

Teeggi MJX Bugs 5W B5W GPS FPV RC Drone



The MJX Bugs 5W is yet another powerful drone which is armed with single axis mechanical gimbal that can produce shake-free stable shots without putting in too much effort. The camera is capable of capturing wide-angle vivid images.

It is interesting to note that the transmitter buzzer will get the status of voltage of the drone and will alert the user as soon as the drone is in low voltage. The user remains aware of the whereabouts of the drone.

It comes with an intelligent control and intuitive handling with tactile silicon vibration signals that make the remote control extremely easy to handle. The wireless technology offers a trustworthy connection between the Bugs 5W app and the remote control.

The GPS system helps the Bugs5W to stay totally aware of the location. This drone is also ideal for the beginners as well as the experienced flyers.


  • Powerful performer
  • Brushless motors work steadily in high speed
  • Bugs Go app makes flight much easier
  • One-key take off


  • Takes longer to charge the battery


10. Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone

WEIGHT: 1.01 lbs | RANGE: 800m | FLIGHT TIME: Up to 26 mts | CAMERA: 2K FHD |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone



As you can see the rating of the Holy Stone HS720 GPS Drone, you can well understand the extent of its efficiency.  Its 2K camera has shock absorption features that let you view the world right in front of your eyes.

The battery is of military-grade and is durable and safe offering you a flight time of up to 26 minutes. The pack includes a dual balance charger which eliminates all your charging worries

The user can easily control the drone and make it fly on landscapes or wherever you go via the app on your smartphone. As you return home, you can share what you created through the app.

How fast do you think you can run? The HS720 has got a follow-me feature that gets you covered and lets you take professional images.


  • Good Follow Me feature
  • Optical flow positioning
  • Brushless motor and powerful performance
  • Foldable design with a carrying bag
  • Strong battery back-up


  • Not very sturdy in breezy weather conditions


11. Potensic D60 Drone, Brushless GPS FPV RC Drone

WEIGHT: 2.8 lbs | RANGE: Upto 500m | FLIGHT TIME: Up to 20 mts | CAMERA: 1080p HD |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

Potensic D60 Drone, Brushless GPS FPV RC Drone



As against other drones, the D60 GPS drone has the brushless motors to make sure the flight is stable at even high speed with low consumption. This is an ideal drone for adults but not for kids under 14.

It incorporates latest technology with dual GPS that keeps accurate positioning of the drone. The drone also returns to home when battery is weak or out of flight range with the return-to-home feature. The user can forget worries of the drone getting lost.

This model comes with an in-built 1080 high quality camera that captures cinematic HD video. The user can capture smooth and clear images of the surroundings.

The take-off, landing, altitude hold, headless mode, follow-me, GPS auto return features can be initiated by a single button and hence the user doesn’t require remembering too many buttons.


  • Optical flow image acquisition system
  • Drone locks location and height and hovers stably
  • Orbit mode makes everything that you capture look exciting and fun
  • Draw a route in the app and the drone flies accordingly
  • Robust enough to survive crash landings


  • 1080P content needs a 16/32 GB SD card which is not in the box


12. Holy Stone HS700D 2K Drone with FHD Camera

WEIGHT: 4.4 lbs | RANGE: 900m | FLIGHT TIME: Up to 22 mts | CAMERA: 2K FHD |MOTOR: BRUSHLESS

Holy Stone HS700D 2K Drone with FHD Camera



Thanks to the 2K HD camera that the user can capture every little detail that he or she wishes to. With the help of 110degree FOV and 90 degree adjustable angle, you can broaden the view and get wide-angle pictures – best for capturing landscapes.

Brushless motors offer several advantages like electronic control, high speed and higher power-to-weight ratio. No amount of internal friction can burn out the drone and you even don’t require high-quality maintenance to retain the performance of the drone.

The user can enjoy a maximum of 22 minute flight at once. Thanks to the modular design of this drone that it is safe to charge and easy to exchange. There are other key functions like headless mode, altitude hold and single-key start. You can share the drone with your family, kids and friends.

Its follow-me mode lets you free your hands while clicking an ideal selfie. The drone flies in a mentioned way that you draw on the Holy Stone app. This device is perfect for beginners and for outdoor fun.


  • Good camera, suitable for outdoors
  • High performance, stable and clicks clear pictures
  • Better control with upgraded camera
  • Feature-rich drone
  • Competitive price


  • Sometimes, might not return to the take-off place as claimed
  • Loses connection even when battery gets low

Best Drones Under $300 - Buying Guide 

To make an informed decision when buying a drone, here are few essential features to consider before you make the decision.

Note: This is extracted from our longer, drone buying guide for beginners

Battery life

If you choose the best models, the maximum flight time in between charges hardly exceed 30 minutes.

While you can always carry extra batteries, don’t forget to factor in the cost of spare batteries when calculating the total cost.

Range of flight

The flight range usually varies from 30 meters/100 feet to one kilometer or even more.

The quadcopters that are meant for beginners usually come with a short range and it perfectly suits the novices who just wish to use it inside an apartment or an enclosed place.

Flight Time

Majority of the models come with a flight time that ranges between 10-15 minutes post which you require either replacing your batteries or recharging them.

The costlier models usually have longer flight time of 15 minutes. In case of increased shoot time, try to buy a costlier model and buy a spare battery.


In the features of a quadcopter, it is most unlikely that you’ll get maximum speed of flight but in case you can settle with light-weight models that don’t have too many accessories.

And they can accelerate more smoothly than the heavier ones.


All drones don’t come with a camera. In case you want to purchase a drone as a flying machine, you won’t need a camera.

But if you intend to shoot videos or photographs, a quality 1080 HD camera is a minimum requirement.

Brushless motors

Though the brushless motors are slightly more expensive than the brushed ones yet they offer a longer lifespan which means the owner doesn’t require replacing the motors too often.

Headless mode

For beginners, it might be tricky to fly a drone initially. Therefore there are few models that offer the headless mode.

In this mode, as you press the controller stick in a definite direction, the drone will fly in that direction and not to the direction where the joystick points.

Integrated GPS

When you choose from the premium drones, you’ll come across models with integrated that allows the machines to stay informed about the geographical location of the drone.

Thanks to this, your drone will find its way to home and hence this feature is named RTH (return-to-home).

Follow-me mode

There are few GPS enabled drones that offer the follow-me-mode that allows the owner to track the device across the ocean or ground.

So, if you’re off to a trek or mountain biking, you can let your drone fly above you and record some of the best videos of your adventure.


A gimbal ensures your drone can remain steady while it is flying through high altitudes and high winds. This is a must for drones for outdoor flying.

Obstacle avoidance

Although this feature can add to the cost of the device but it’s worth the cost as it can prevent the device from crashing into a tree.

However, ensure this works reliably as advertised by the drone manufacturer before buying.

Spare part availability

Drones can break and hence you have to check whether or not you will have access to its spare parts either through a neighbourhood store or an online store.



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