10 Best RC Drift Cars That Are Really Fast [2021]

RC drifting has fast become one of the most popular fields of RC cars. Thanks to the thrill of drifting sideways around a genuine-looking scale track, its rapid growth goes beyond every age limit as it draws both young and adult "drivers" alike. Models with amazing features are aplenty but each unit varies significantly in quality. Drift no further as we take a close look at the best RC drift cars to help you pick which will get you floating and sliding best.

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Our Top Picks


Exceed RC 1/10 2.4 Ghz Electric DriftStar



Super GT RC Sport Racing Drift Car, 1/16



GoolRC Wltoys RC Car XKS 144001 High Speed 1/14


Best RC Drift Cars - Reviews

Walking into a store and picking the first RC car you see is easy. RC drifting cars have a few specific features that make them ideal for what others call a "controlled skid." They may have similar designs and characteristics as those of faster hobby RC cars, but there is a distinct difference in quality for a car that was built to drift.

1. HSP 1:10 Scale Large RC Car 35+ kmh Speed Remote Control Car 4WD

HSP 1 10 Scale Large RC Car 35+ kmh Speed Remote Control Car 4WD



This 1:10 scale 4WD Drift Car has a 2000mAh high-capacity battery that lets you run for longer periods without compensating your car's speed. With a top speed that exceeds 35 km/h, it is fully customizable as its shock absorbers and suspensions can be modified for a more powerful ride. It has a 3-way electronic speed controller for a quick and impressive run and brake response, making it a suitable choice for the RC Drifting beginner.


  • Amazingly durable as it can endure crashes and collisions at speeds of 15-25 mp/h
  • Long-lasting battery can run for up to 90 minutes at top speeds.
  • Reaches speeds of up to 40 mp/h.


  • Plastic body damages easily.

2. GoolRC WLtoys K989 RC Car, 1/28 Scale 2.4G Remote Control Car, 4WD

GoolRC WLtoys K989 RC Car 1 28 Scale 2.4G Remote Control Car



The high-quality material used for this scale model's shell resembles that of a real car, providing it with excellent flexibility to withstand the impact of crashes and collisions. The car's metal chassis is hands down-sturdy and durable, protecting the car even during the roughest of rides in certain terrain. A 2.4GHZ transmitter eliminates the risk of catching other radio interference, making it the perfect car for young drifters.


  • Extremely durable saving you from regular upkeep and repairs.
  • Quick response remote controller.
  • Runs smooth and fast on paved grounds.


  • Rechargeable battery lasts only about 30 minutes.

3. Exceed RC 1/10 2.4Ghz Electric DriftStar RTR Drift Car

Exceed RC 1 10 2.4Ghz Electric DriftStar RTR Drift Car



This RC car has a small 0.3 MP camera mounted on top that enables you to record your driving, allowing you to enhance the experience of your drifting game. Although it is a tad smaller than some RC Drifting cars, it packs a double battery pack and displays many of the authentic features of the real model. Its powerful remote controller allows the driver to maneuver it from a distance of 35 meters, making it the choice for hobbyists who are a little advanced in age.


  • Its sleek design makes it look like a real competitive race car.
  • Loose steering makes it perfect for drifts.
  • Enthusiasts can record, watch, and share their rides due to the built-in camera.


  • Screws on the battery cover wear off easily.

4. HSP 4wd RC Car 1:10 On Road Touring Drift Two Speed Nitro

HSP 4wd RC Car 1 10 On Road Touring Drift Two Speed Nitro Power



This RC drifter's fibreglass disc brake system provides quick brake response and is replaceable, allowing you to keep your car in top shape. Durable pre-trimmed V-tread tires with sturdy shock-absorbing springs are made for superior shock protection. A large front bumper with a high-quality sponge protects your car from bumps and scratches during collisions. Its advanced features make it a suitable pick for the more serious RC drifting enthusiast.


  • Can run up to 65 km/h.
  • Performs well even when driven off-road.
  • Includes a large capacity fuel tank.


  • Engine has weak compression, highly affecting RC car's speed.

 5. Tamiya America, Inc 1/10 Toyota Supra 4WD TT-02D

Tamiya America, Inc 1 10 Toyota Supra 4WD TT-02D Drift Spec Kit



Recognized as one of the best Japanese sports cars around the world, this RC Drift model of the Toyota Supra would leave its skid marks on the scale tracks as well. The TT-02 is an entry-level 4WD independent suspension assembly kit that offers easy assembly and maintenance. It is designed for high-performance driving with excellent control and functionality much like the real car model. Highly-suitable for new drifters due to its simplicity, this Drift Spec variant includes specialized parts, providing hours of driving and drifting fun.


  • Includes durable plastic parts.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Fast and smooth driving.


  • Cost of add-ons to make it a race-suitable car may hold you back a bit.

6. HSP RC Car 1/10 Scale 4wd Off Road RC Drift Car

HSP RC Car 1 10 Scale 4wd Off Road RC Drift Car Electronic Monster Truck 4x4 Vehicle Toys Brushless Motor Lipo Battery High Speed 60kmh RTR



This monster of a car includes special features such as strong rigid ABS monocoque chassis, aluminum alloy, and fully adjustable shock absorbers, allowing you to enjoy your scale model for a longer period. Its realistic drift car body along with hard drift tires provide optimal control for superior forward or backward runs as well as superior turns. A favorite of advanced drifters, its pre-trimmed tires let you race on both paved and off-road terrain with ease.


  • Amazingly fast with a maximum speed of 60 km/h.
  • Metal braces protect your car during crashes and collisions.
  • Extremely responsive remote controller.


  • Standard battery pack lasts for only 25 minutes.

7. Tamiya 300058605 - 1:10 RC Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune (TT-02D)

Tamiya 300058605 1 10 RC Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune



The Nismo 1:10 was designed to provide an easy and fun drifting experience for just about everyone. It includes a variety of tuning parts and specialized drifting tires that allow you to shift from a drifter to a road touring vehicle. This model best suits the experienced drifter/collector as not too many of this model was built and distributed.


  • Highly replaceable and customizable parts.
  • Easy to assemble and easier to control.
  • Remarkably durable as it was built by Nissan's own engine sports department.


  • Some components needed for assembly have to be purchased separately.

8. Super GT RC Sport Racing Drift Car, 1/16 Remote Control Car

Super GT RC Sport Racing Drift Car, 1 16 Remote Control Car for Adults Kids



This gorgeous-looking and flexible RC drift car allows you to perform Figure 8 and U-shaped drifts with ease. Only high-quality materials were used for its shell, preventing dents and damage during crash and collision. Its velocity and excellent adaptability make it the perfect RC drift car for those with an extreme need for speed.


  • Exceedingly fast yet easy to control.
  • Effortless tire switching from speed to drift.
  • Best value for your money.


  • Rechargeable battery has only 15 minutes of charge life.

9. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car with 7.2V 2000mAh Battery



Made from sturdy metal, this well-designed car includes features that allow it to drive smoothly and makes it easy to handle. Its independent suspension and electric 27T brushed motor highlight the durability of this fully customizable RC drift car. Perfect for the beginner who wants a feel of what a true hobbyist would use, it's a good pick for the novice drifter who wants to go beyond the average.


  • Attractive body design made from sturdy metal.
  • Fully customizable since replacement and upgraded parts are plentiful.
  • Receives commands from 75 feet away.


  • Weak rims chip or break easily.

10. GoolRC Wltoys RC Car XKS 144001 60km/h High Speed 1/14 2.4GHz  4WD RTR

GoolRC Wltoys RC Car XKS 144001 RC Car 60kmh High Speed 1 14



With a motor that churns out 20,000 RPM, topping at 60 km/h, this 4WD race car is built to win. It allows drifters to control it from as far as 100 meters while its strong aluminum alloy frame, zinc alloy gears, and all metal parts reflect nothing but stability and endurance. Recommended for the true-blue enthusiast, this car's powerful torque makes even the most difficult moves painless.


  • Exceedingly fast and well-made.
  • Amazingly impressive for its price.
  • Powerful battery capacity.


  • The car is heavy which possibly affects its speed and skid.

What Features Should I Look For In An RC Drift Car?

RC drift cars are remote-controlled cars that are known for their speed, balance, and control. Their ability to skid while in full control separates them from toy RC cars that can't handle quick turns very well. Serious hobby drivers and enthusiasts acquire highly customized cars as it enables them to set up their model's suspension, steering, and power. Those few specific features set them apart from their peers and allow them to skid the grid ala Keiichi Tsuchiya.

Along with your passion for scale drifting, here are the characteristics that you should pay close attention to when choosing an RC drift car.

Car Scale

Sizes of RC cars vary and it is determined by its scale when compared to the car's actual model. The ideal size for RC drifting cars ranges between 1:10 and 1:16 as drivers get the realism they want along with enough space for the motor and the car's other components.

Fully Modifiable

Starting out, it might be best for the novice driver to pass up on numerous complex modifications and to make the necessary adjustments (and maybe some unnecessary ones) as car familiarity is strengthened. Get an adjustable chassis design to allow room for a few customizations and make your car looking and running to the max.

Wheel Out

Much like regular RC cars, the tires of your drifter is of utmost importance. But unlike them, they won't be wheeling around on a variety of surface terrains. Rubber tires offer too much grip to drift, making a solid set of plastic tires more suitable for scale tracks crafted out of thin carpet or cement.

Battery Power

A 1800mAh battery is the standard on most RC drift cars. Although it may be a little small, it provides drivers with a decent run time but may not suit long driving sessions. You may want to switch to a bigger battery, taking into account the additional weight in your car.

Drive Set-Up

Advanced drifters usually go for the all-wheel-drive variant as it allows them to evenly distribute the engine's power on every side. Some would opt to overbalance either on the front or back, depending highly on what gives them a much better advantage.


How a car looks is important for many hobbyists. Some drivers go for prototypes but it is best to look for one that has a little more authenticity in its design for a more lifelike driving and drifting experience.

When purchasing an RC drift car, always go for a model that provides you with all the basics without being too much of an investment. Flashy cars are no doubt an eye-candy, but it is much better and fulfilling to build your drifter from the ground up.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Pick: Exceed RC 1/10 2.4 Ghz Electric DriftStar RTR

Best Budget Pick: Super GT RC Sport Racing Drift Car, 1/16 Remote Control Car

Best Premium Pick: GoolRC Wltoys RC Car XKS 144001 RC Car 60km/h High Speed 1/14 2.4GHz RC Buggy 4WD Racing Off-Road Drift Car RTR


Finding a good RC car is easy but modifying one allows you to realize that they are more than just toy cars. With fully-customizable bodies and chassis, realistic features, and highly-conducive designs, RC Drifting cars, no doubt. are driven to provide us with tons of fun.